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removing CO  to ensure our all future 




"Preserving the beauty of our planet by permanently removing CO2 from the atmosphere and the oceans"

Every company, every city and every nation with a net zero target requires carbon dioxide removal. We are following our vision to become the leading partner in providing carbon dioxide removal as a service and, while doing so, to restore Earth's precious ecosystems. 

We are on a mission to develop and deploy technology that is capable of playing a major role in carbon dioxide sequestration. Our goal is to contribute to tackling climate change in a sustainable way. We see it as our responsibility to act now.

To be competitive and provide our customers an economical and ecological top of the market solution, we developed a modular system that is robust in operations and highly scalable.

Our solution represents a symbiosis between technology, science and experience.

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"Together we will achieve the greatest"

Do you have ambitious climate targets in place, e.g., the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) and are ready to commit to the next steps? Search no longer.

We offer high quality carbon removals to balance your remaining greenhouse gas emissions, measure and report our process precisely and guarantee permanency, e.g., required by the SBTi.


You determine the amount you need, we agree on a period of time and handle the rest.


"Deploying a ready to scale solution"

Our carbon sequestration method relies on Direct Air Capture to Mineralization.

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We follow a holistic approach, using naturally occuring materials to absorb CO2 from ambient air and store it permanently through ocean renaturation. With this approach we are pioneers in the field of Direct Air Capture to Mineralization (DAC to Mineralization).

Currently we are building up our Prototype to remove the first tones of CO2.




"Developed in Switzerland, made for the world"

Castor is a Swiss early stage startup, growing to remedy the status quo and take action on the unmistakable signs. We see it as our responsibility to be part of the shift to a net zero society and tackle one of the greatest challenges humanity has ever faced.

We are a team of purpose driven people who believe that now is the time to deploy a ready-to-scale-solution, rather than miss the last moment. It's time to act. With high dedication and endless passion, we are right on track to build something big and meaningful. 



"Finding inspiration in every turn we take"

We are constantly looking for likeminded personalities who fully commit to the ideas and visions we share. Whether you are keen on working with us or want to become part of our journey in another way, do not hesitate to get in touch, if it sounds like you.

Zurich - Bern  |  Switzerland

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